Deep Drawn Stampings

Metal stampings, deep drawing, lathe, die casting, forging, anodizing, brushed finish, electrophoretic disposition, paint coating, baked painting, electric plating- metalwork formed by various process methods associated with diversified surface treatment is what we do. From mold design, prototype to mass production, we offer a turn-key solution over a wide range craft.

Located at the northern part of Taiwan, Jia Tsun is a 40- year manufacturer (from 1979). "Deep drawn" is the most key and essential competence we have on this craft. Through our persistent hard work, we proudly supply our parts to the esteemed company “China Motors” who is our first customer. Continuously, we supply to globally well-known car brands like: Ford/ Nissan/ Luxgen/Peugeot/ Citroen/ Toyota/Chrysler. The parts include hood hook, boot aperture bracket, bumper, oil sump, metal car door members. From 1995 onward, we have broadened our supply range to high-tech application, medical device, home appliance, lighting fixture, traffic light and industrial usage. In year 2000 & 2009, we have obtained ISO9001 and TS16949 certificate respectively. 

Our premises are around 6,600 sq.m, staffed with approx. 80 experienced employees with capital over US$670,000. We are well-equipped with 800T/600T/500T hydraulic press machines, cross shaft press machines, double crank press machines, air press spot welding machines, Co2 welding machine, robotic 5 axles welding machines, milling and lathe machines. We provide our parts to customers on their every unique request. We are also the ODM factory for T.E.W. which is a famous Taiwan clothes dryer brand. 

We commit to being a reliable supplier of stamping metal product. We are flexible, rustworthy, cost saving with delivery on time. Please contact us on our website whenever you have request for stamping press metal piece or related items. It will be our honor to be of service. 




Quality Management

2017 certified by ISO 9001-2015 

2009 certified by TS 16949 




Patent & Award



Q. A. Certificated




Enviroment & Premises




Shipment area


Sample display room


Factory overlook




Production equipment


800 600T hydraulic stamping M/C


28 sets 45T to 200T cross-shaft type stamping machine


28 sets 45T to 200T cross-shaft type stamping machine


28 sets 45T to 200T cross-shaft type stamping machine


Ultrasonic cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaner


5 axles robotic TIG welding M/C


CO2 Welding Robotic Arm


Spot Welding


Spot Welding


Portable Spot Welding


Tube Bending Machine

2.5D Measuring Instrument


Salt Spray Test Machine